Top Ten for October 25, 2022

Matt Levine on the Musk/Twitter Schrödinger's deal

WordPress compiled to WebAssembly

Execution ballads and an exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands

“Unionization throughout one’s career is associated with a $1.3 million mean increase in lifetime earnings, larger than the average gains from completing college”

Playing Mozart on Mozart’s own fortepiano

EU Ambassadors Conference keynote by Josep Borrell Fontelles – the jungle/garden metaphor was unfortunate but imagining its use was malicious is belied by the content of the speech

Haydn2032 No 17: Per Il Luigi

“We said there’s way too much empathy going on here”: the advent of algorithmically-generated ever-increasing rental prices

The impossibility of Californian high-speed rail

Athena, the latest in a long line of action films set in banlieues featuring some of the best long takes since 1917