Top Ten for September 30, 2022

Approval and ranked-choice voting systems compared – this has a very Seattle focus given there is an upcoming vote, but could be valuable for anyone

Emily the Criminal – taut thriller which is also a cri de cœur in the same way Parasite was

2017 arrangement of King Crimson’s Discipline – the mark-VII lineup of Crimson is more interesting when you can see the three-drummer interplay

Riotsville, USA is a Chris Markerish documentary that reveals the mindset of the Sixties more than many others

The new Zappa box: two 1974 shows and one 1976 one, just glorious, improvisational jams packed with bonhomie that are largely free of latter-day Zappa strident prurient doggerel

The best explanation I've heard for the US ‘strategic ambiguity’ posture vis-a-vis Taiwan

Somebody had to say it: Mental Health Is Political

Mal Waldron’s work with Steve Lacy I’d been aware of, being a big Lacy fan, but now spending time with Waldron’s solo piano LPs: Meditations from 1972, Searching In Grenoble from 1978, Plays Satie from 1983 ...

Paris Police 1900, which has been on BBC for a while and will eventually make it Stateside

JACK Quartet plays Xenakis’ Tetras (1983) – incredible performance of a still-astonishing piece