Top Ten for March 6, 2022

Mesmerizing Couperin from Atsushi Sakai, Christophe Rousset, and Marion Martineau

Interview with Fiona Hill re Putin from Feb 22

David Runciman on Fukuyama’s End of History and the Last Man – seen once as triumphalist, then hopelessly naive, really neither of those but more prescient

Myths and misconceptions in the debate on Russia – how they affect Western policy, and what can be done

Stanley Cursiter’s Scottish Futurism from 1913: The Sensation of Crossing the Street, Synthesis of the Supper Room at an Arts Club Reception, Rain on Princes Street

Long Covid-19 as the fast track to homelessness

Russia, Ukraine and the 30-year quest for a post-Soviet order – I would have liked the article to trace US policy past 1994, but still worth reading

Ransomware for industrial coercion rather than extortion

On Auden by Elisa Gabbert

Tone Glow returns with a John Oswald interview