Top Ten for July 3, 2021

Steven Osborne plays Debussy

Tone Glow talks to Terre Thaemlitz

Steven Isserlis & Thomas Adès – Lieux retrouvés, an evocative program (filled with diacritical marks) of Liszt, Fauré, Janáček, Kurtág, and Adès – NPR review

The World Is Wrong podcast features lesser-known film recommendations which I'm checking out (like 2012’s The Paperboy which was excellent and haunting)

“There are, of course, no shortage of analyses that relate the climate crisis to the dynamics of capitalism. A good case can be made that rather than the Anthropocene, we should be discussing the Capitalocene”

The Most COMPLEX Pop Song of All Time

The machines are coming: writing your code, sorting your Legos, blocking your videos

Every so often a performance comes along that makes you hear compositions in a completely new, exciting way – this was definitely true for me listening to Garrick Ohlsson’s Brahms recordings on Hyperion

Soderbergh’s latest No Sudden Move – like the Ocean films any objections you might have about the plot or script are made irrelevant by the fantastic cast (the 50s Detroit setting is also terrific)

I’ve linked to a lecture by Ed Baptist before about his book The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, but I’m finally getting around to the book and it’s marvelous