Top Ten for May 24, 2021

John Richardson may be dead, but the fourth volume of his Picasso bio arrives in November

Ferrofluid BT speaker

Jim Woodring talks about David Lindsay’s bizarre 1920 novel Voyage to Arcturus – an edition featuring Woodring’s illustrations is out via Beehive Books

Napoleon may be a collective delusion via Ted Gioia’s Substack

Excellent explainer vid on the recent events in Gaza – it’s a shame news outlets can’t package the conflict in such an understandable and even-handed way as this

“Geometrical and Topological Analogues of Rubik's Cube”

Poulenc’s Sonata for Two Clarinets (FP 7, 1918) perf. Ronald van Spaendonck & André Moisan

Washington state’s long-awaited capital gains tax and how it came to be

Review of Peter Zeihan’s book The Accidental Superpower

Cambridge’s Prof. Christopher Clark on the 1848 Revolutions