Top Ten for November 2, 2020

Marbled crayfish, which travel across land and water at night and eat whatever they can, do not occur in nature and are banned by the European Union’

Einstein’s Bridge, OOP SF by John Cramer – set at a fully-functioning Superconducting Super Collider; in our reality, the SSC was abandoned a fifth of the way into its construction (this last piece also usefully functions as a management-culture cautionary tale) and the LHC went on to find the Higgs

The sounds of π

Private press MI music via Inzane Michigan on NTS

Counterpart, nice Cold War parable SF show

Informed crash course in the Chinese tech landscape with contrasts to the US

Interactive infographics on voting methods that are better than first-past-the-post

Blanche Blanche Blanche

Hilarious deep-fake-awareness vid from the South Park guys

Younger people abandoning democracy, via Talking Politics