Top Ten for October 13, 2020

Maybe the most insightful presentation you’ll see on the electorate in the 2016 and 2020 elections

'We fed the beast that ate us' – the GOP has been forced down a far-right populist road by its own hand

Niskanen Center on the OMB’s recommendations to expand health care – calling Medicare for All single-payer is a confounding misnomer

‘This is an emotional exchange between a human and an AI on a website with 430 million active users’ – GPT-3 bot has lengthy, numerous, undetected posts on Reddit

Breakdown of dark money in Supreme Court nominees and cases courtesy of Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI)

Terrific print of the spectacular 1970 recreation of Waterloo by the same guy who did the epic 1966 version of War and Peace

The Good Lord Bird adaptation

Serene Wandelweiser compilation of 9 diaphanous compositions and a combination of all of them

Excellent Feldmanesque tribute to ‘a French astronomer who had a particular talent as a comet hunter’

New Prana Crafter feels like a coherent whole rather than disparate tracks