Top Ten for October 5, 2020

Turns out time-restricted feeding is a good way to lose muscle mass, not fat

‘The kinds of opportunists who are attracted solely to wealth and status have no principles at all beyond accumulation of these two objects’

Fusion might actually be happeningtechnical presentation from 2019, technical presentation from 2016, 2014 article on fusion and ITER

Wire survey of Tashi Dorji's excellent improv

Another terrific Tone Glow interview, this time with Eiko Ishibashi

ML-generated death metal based on metal that already sounds ML-generated

The 1968 Monk gig at a high school in Palo Alto is finally released after some licensing disputes

Why we can’t fix infrastructure

Azerbaijani Army propaganda

Some apropos music for the season and of the times: Adès’ Totentanz, from 2013 via Alex Ross