Top Ten for September 14, 2020

Patrick White’s 1957 novel Voss, winner of the Nobel Prize

Relatedly Rob Tomlinson’s reviews of White are excellent as well as his writing on books generally

Francis Fukayama’s 2014 essay America In Decay, using the Forest Service as an example of a dysfunctional institution, via Marginal Revolution

Incredible Economist piece on viruses: 'integrated viral sequences, known as endogenous retroviruses (ervs), account for 8% of the human genome'

Brötzmann’s Chicago Tentet in Atlanta in 2002 on YouTube and in Chicago in 1997 on record

Phosphene on Venus

Handy AQI macOS menu bar app

Thanks to people who make comprehensive appliance review videos

Recycling plastic is diversionary marketing

Carbon footprints are diversionary marketing