Top Ten for September 7, 2020

Foodman’s goofball juke/footwork house set from 2019

The note played in a 639-year Cage performance was changed September 5; the next is May 2022

Incredible illustrations from Ernesto García Cabral, from luscious film posters to classic Deco

Moving beyond the 'chemical imbalance' paradigm of mental illness and acknowledging biological, social, and financial reality – a long time coming, but a very welcome development

Bizarre rollerderby-WWE mashup from 1989; Fox now has the rights, so periodically uses episodes to fill time on its soccer channels

Information has mass (and therefore energy) – not sure if you can then say dark matter is information, but the paper's authors do via HN

Documentary on Wittgenstein and Schoenberg

The Partially Examined Life philosophy podcast series

The 2020 Italian GP, memorable madness that rescued the season from predictability

Connary Fagen’s impeccably crafted fonts