Top Ten for August 9, 2020

Line-by-line annotations for Finnegans Wake from the Finnegans Wake Extensible Elucidation Treasury – there are other annotated references, but I prefer this layout which combines both the notes and the text

June 21–23 1993 Dead run

The latest new age LP from Steve Roach, A Soul Ascends

Thomas Adès’ 2008 composition In Seven Days is on a great new record from Kirill Gerstein and the Tanglewood Music Centre Orchestra

New Krallice, released on a Bandcamp Friday of course

Purcell’s Fantasias for Viols by Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XX

Historical montage of the Silverstone track for the 70th Anniversary GP (thanks to @Mattzel89)

Astonishing 68mm footage from 1902 of the still-running Wuppertal suspended railway

A hellishly optimized, inhuman megacity in SimCity 3000

Adam Tooze on China and a new Cold War and COVID and past economic crises